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Water/Misc Payments

Water/Misc Payments

Water Department


402 W Main
P.O. Box 657
Rosebud, TX  76570

City Clerk: Kathy Burns

 Mon – Fri  8:00 – 5:00

Main: 254-583-7926

Fax: 254-583-2157

 After hours water leaks or sewage problems, please contact the Water/Wastewater Department On Call: 254-217-9532

New Account Information

For new service, please complete the Utilities Application Form found at the top and left of this page.

The Connect Fee for new residential accounts is $75.00 for water/sewer/garbage.

Connect fee for new rental accounts is $150.00 for water/sewer/garbage.

Water bills are mailed out on the 1st day of every month.  Not receiving a bill is not an excuse for paying late.  Please call City Hall if you do not receive your bill by the 3rd business day in the month.

Minimum charges are outlined in the Water & Sewer Rates ordinance at the top left of this page.

Your payment is due by 5:00 pm on the 10th.  If the 10th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday, you will have until 5:00pm the next regular business day. If payment is not received, you will be charged a 5% late fee.  

If your bill is not paid by the 20th of the month and you haven't been granted an extension to pay, your water service will be cut off.

Every six months you may fill out an application at City Hall to request a payment extension to the last day of the month. The Extension Agreement Form is found at the top left of this page. You must complete this form and bring it to City Hall to see if you are eligible for an extension and this must be done before the 20th of the month.  The cost of the extension is $25.00 and it will be added to your account if you are granted the extension.

If if payment is not received or an extension has not been granted by the 20th at 5pm, your water service will be disconnected and you will be charged a reconnect fee of $50.00.  

After payment of your bill and added fees, service can be restored during regular Water Department hours of 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m, Monday through Friday.


City of Rosebud

402 W. Main Street

Rosebud, Texas 76570

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