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Rosebud Municipal Court

Address: 202 S. College/ P.O. Box 657

Rosebud, Texas  76570

Telephone: 254-583-7714

Fax:  254-583-2157

Community Service Rules

While performing community service, I will:

Contact the provider I choose to arrange community service as soon as possible;

          • Arrive on time;
          • Obey the site supervisor;
          • Not leave the worksite without permission;
          • Not carry any sort of weapon;
          • Not use abusive language;
          • Not deliberately destroy or deface any tools or property;
          • Never accept any tips or cash from anyone in association with my community service;
          • Wear appropriate clothing to work;
          • Apply for authorization for extension of time if needed;
          • Contact the Municipal Court with any questions.

Finally, I understand that failure to follow these rules will result in a warrant being issued for my arrest and may result in my incarceration.